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The Full Story

It all started in early April of 2022, when Sei (vox) met Junior (guitar) at a local jam session in Geneva, Switzerland. Both Sei & Junior both being mixed and afro-descendants, quickly bonded over music and their political, cultural identities and struggles. Proud of their mixed heritage, they wanted to honor their ancestry with this musical project that reflects the diaspora's musical inheritances. 


They later met Emmanuel (drums) with which they fell in love instantly after hearing him play in a local venue. Ameer & Karim (percussions) joined the project later on. Last but not least, Tarik (bass) who is the most recent member of the formation. All of the musicians of the band have prior experience playing as professional musicians in various projects (see projects).

So far the band has 9 original songs and are working on releasing an album beginning of 2024.


The name "ANSUH" came naturally in honor of Sei & Junior's common ancestral displacement.


This spelling comes from Gullah a language spoken by the Gullah Geechee people*, which is an English-based, creolized language that naturally evolved from the unique circumstances of, and was spoken by, the slaves in South Carolina and Georgia. It is not a written language.

*The Gullah Geechee people are descendants of Africans who were enslaved on the rice, indigo and Sea Island cotton plantations of the lower Atlantic coast.  Many came from the rice-growing region of West Africa.  



Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer, producer,

songwriter, care taker and space holder

Sei a.k.a. Seilen is a lovechild born of NYC's Jazz scene from the early 80's with an american, swiss and italian cultural upbringing. She started their musical journey in the womb thanks to lovely but musically obsessed parents. Learning violin since the age of 6 and being in children's choirs. Later on in 2000, Sei started self-teaching the guitar and how to use Reason & FL, In 2006 Sei practiced opera for one year, to add more precious tools to the belt.


After a long period of music and vocal explorations, she decided to toss academia to the side to reconnect with a more intuitive way of making music. Inspired by indigenous and traditional multi-cultural music from the soul, the guts! Sei believes in improvisation, liberation and « feeling » the music above all else.


Sei ( @_seilen / @elefantaymusic ) has been making music professionally since 2003. Sei prides herself in writing engaging, empowering and conscious lyrics that resonate with the times. The need for connection and healing that all beings deserve.

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